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Dear friends,
A lot has happened in the last eight years, and I’m not just talking about politics. From a personal perspective, our move to Italy in 2001 marked major changes. We have been challenged and rewarded in ways we never imagined… and we are still here.

Between my fabulous 11-year-old, the olives, the grapes, the garden, the Bed & Breakfast, cooking classes, some travel, writing, the animals, and my artist husband… I don’t have much time to blog, but I think I can get out an occasional newsletter. I want to share some of the treasures and enlightenments of our life in Tuscany.

This initial piece is just to get myself going, and to update you on my upcoming book tour to the US in February and March for 50 Great Appetizers. I have attached a list of my appearances, and I hope that I will see you there.

Pace da Poggio Organic Olive OilI will be bringing Pace da Poggio Etrusco, our extra-virgin organic olive oil, for tasting at all of my classes and talks. If you are unable to attend my U.S. West Coast book tour, you will find our olive oil available online at

Pace da Poggio Etrusco (Peace from Poggio Etrusco) is an organic extra-virgin olive oil from Pamela and Johnny’s 15-acre organic olive farm near Montepulciano in the Tuscan province of Siena. We completed our organic certification with ICEA in 2005. Our small artisanal production is from approximately 800 trees with 4 varieties of olives: moraiolo, leccino, correggiolo/frantoiana, and pendolino . In early November, nets are spread under the trees, baskets tied around our waists, and each olive is picked by hand. We try to finish the harvest within 3 days to arrive at the frantoio with the freshest possible olives. The olives pass through a brief stone-ground process, then into the cold continuous system that macerates, extracts, and centrifuges the sparkling fresh oil.

Poggio Etrusco just keeps getting better! We have made some cozy improvements on the apartments and rooms this winter, and we are looking forward to seeing you here in Italy soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

All the best,

Pamela Sheldon Johns, Johnny (Courtney) Johns, and Alaia

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