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Healthy Gourmet Cookbook Healthy Gourmet Cookbook
by Pamela Sheldon Johns
Collins Publishers, 1994
Hardcover - 224 pages

This exquisite large-format cookbook, nominated for a James Beard Cookbook Award, proves that good cooking and healthy eating habits needn't come at the expense of taste. Filled with over 225 recipes (with nutritional analysis) that are organized by season, this wonderful collection is simple yet creative, with an emphasis on flavor and taste through the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Recipe author Pamela Sheldon Johns and text author and nutritionist Mary Abbott Hess have teamed up to provide elegant recipes that combine taste with healthfulness. The Healthy Gourmet Cookbook blends traditional and international elements in recipes that combine low-fat, low-salt and low-sugar cooking with high flavor. Gourmets will delight in dishes such as phyllo pouches filled with scallops, duck breast with pear sauce, and lingonberry soufflé omelet and Grand Marnier sauce. Documented in full color photography, each recipe is accompanied by a complete nutritional analysis and an indication of the number of servings that satisfy the new Food Pyramid Guidelines. A 60-page introductory text covers all the basics of nutrition in an easy-to-understand narrative with charts and tables accompanied by stunning pictures which convey the diversity of healthy foods and how and where they are grown. An extensive glossary and index are provided as well as comprehensive vitamin and mineral tables.

Healthy Gourmet shows you how to enjoy a gourmet international dining experience which enhances your health and follows recommended nutrition guidelines. Healthy Gourmet proves you can have your taste and be healthy too.


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