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Treasures of Campania
Dining Under the Volcano

Euro 3550/person, double occupancy
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Includes 5 nights double occupancy in four-star accommodations, most meals/beverages, classes/visits/tastings, and ground transportation (arrive/depart Naples)


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Although we could spend much longer, we have just a few days to explore some of the culinary treasures of Campania. We will be spending our time in three key areas:

  • the colorful city of Naples, pizza, of course, and art/history/culture;
  • Paestum, famous for mozzarella and Greek temples;
  • and the romantic Amalfi coast with splendid seafood and lemons.

Napoli is known as the birthplace of pizza. With Pamela Sheldon Johns, author of Pizza Napoletana!, we’ll take a hands-on class to learn the secrets of the true Verace Pizza Napoletana DOP from one of Napoli’s top pizza chefs.


Throughout the following days we will have similar experiences, delving into the traditional products and preparations using them, learning from both home cooks and professional chefs. We’ll see how fresh buffalo mozzarella is made; we’ll visit a traditional pasta producer who makes dried pasta the age-old way; we’ll understand why limoncello from this area is so special. Perhaps we’ll climb up Vesuvius to experience tomatoes and grapes grown in the volcanic soil. And, speaking of grapes, we will enjoy the wide variety of excellent local wines along the way.


Send an email to Pamela@FoodArtisans.com to check availability,
and to request registration info.

Naples has many treasures, and is worth a few extra days.
See below for some early arrival options to the above program.

Visit to the acclaimed Alois, Sclavia, and Terre del Principe wineries.
Lunch will be Pepe in Grani’s famous pizza
€225/person, minimum 4 persons, from approx 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Includes transportation, one hour drive each way.
Request info about an optional add-on to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta

Guided visit of Pompeii, and an artisanal dried pasta producer in Gragano who uses
bronze dies and a natural drying process. Lunch of the pasta paired with Sorrentino
wines from the side of Vesuvius.
€225/person, minimum 4 persons, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
(If you want a longer day, can include a visit to the Sorrentino winery, €35/person for
extra transportation time and visit/tasting).

Early morning will find us at the the seafood market, then a ride on the funicular up to
Vomero for a great class on the historic noble foods of Naples... followed by lunch.
Optional afternoon visit to the palace and royal grounds of Capodimonte (with works of
Caravaggio and Tiziano).
€225/person, minimum 4 persons, from approx 8:30 am to 4:00 pm


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